The Able Group Inc. working on:

Vehicle Damaged Poles

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The workers from The Able Group have ordered the parking lot lighting poles.
They feed the wiring up through the pole and get the light ready.



There is a hand hole at the bottom of the pole to grab the wires.
On the pole foundation, there is a template that matches the pole. It matches the bolt pattern and thickness.
The photo shown above is an example of new foundation and new template.
The first photo on this page is an old foundation and template that is able to be used for a new lighting pole.
Once all the wiring is all set up in the pole and the template is ready, the workers use the bucket truck to lift the pole.


The workers secure the pole onto the bolts and make sure it is on tightly.
They use the hand hole to grab the wires.
Now the new lighting pole is finished.


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