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Underground Power anywhere. We provide information about tapping into an existing circuit, the transformer pad, trenching, underground conduits, digging, direct burial cable, back fill, code requirements, the NEC, screening, cable sizes and types.

Cable tracing is an essential step towards locating your cable fault. Over the years I have seen many "fault locators" waste valuable time trying to locate underground electric cable faults and not being able to do so, only because they did not trace the cable properly - or at all. If you don't know where the cable is, how can you expect to accurately troubleshoot the circuit?

Trace your circuit - FIRST!
Unless the cable fault that you are looking for jumps right out of the ground where you can see it - you need to trace your cable path, and mark your cable path, before you begin troubleshooting the circuit with other equipment. This is accomplished with an underground cable locator, specifically designed for electrical cables.

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WE CAN DIG IT! Underground cable installation, underground conduit runs and power distribution. Utility company know-how for location, and fault detection and repair, electrical components that address almost all underground fault repairs, splicing or new cable installation, response team that will take repair action when you call.
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This way, a professional can inspect the ground thoroughly to prevent damage. The pipeline company will come to your house and examine the ground. They will indicate the pipes with certain markers, depending on the pipe. However, the signs aren't that specific. It doesn't indicate the exact location, depth, or pipeline pressure. They are more as a guide, but you're better off with than without them to help you get an idea of where to be careful.
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