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Welcome to You and Us Magazine.

Our Internet Magazine is continuously changing in order to post the articles and photos sent in to us by our viewers.
Our Theme is "Faith-Based", and meant for a beneficial message on topics related to everyday folks.
Our online articles are written by anyone with a purpose for good, and having anything interesting or helpful to say.

Our Goals are:
A.   Writings, photos, creating healthy postings and ideas to benefit our viewers.
B.   Posting helpful information about any topic you choose.
C.   Exercising the writing skills of the youth, the elderly, and everyone in between.

You and Us - We're New and under "Re-Construction"


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Your input to our magazine is always welcome.
We'll add your pages for what you deem as positive, informative, interesting, memorial, etc.
Send us info about your business, organization, events, opinions, charity drives, historical topics, personal miracles, even your cooking recipes. You send it, and we'll post it!

You and Us E-Magazine is an online function of Contractors Solutions Inc.
Allow us to post your article along with some photos.  There are no costs or obligations involved. 

We are Free, just ask us about it -

Special Notes:

You and Us Magazine is opened to all. Our magazine is informal. There are no dues, fees or charges involved. This Magazine is for viewers all around Philadelphia, Delaware County, Chester County and Montgomery County and neighboring areas of New Jersey and Delaware.

We stand opposed to unlawful Internet activities and misuse. We want to accelerate the positive power of the information super highway for the folks in our neighborhoods. We reserve the right to refuse any written materials sent in to us. Topics which may be controversial or negative will be refused without a response. We wish to post materials that will benefit and educate the general public (especially our children) Thank You.

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