Noah's Ark Our Ark.

      It was through the communication of Faith; Noah and family were forewarned to prepare for a terrifying end as coming soon. These were the days our God took Noah into His confidence and revealed plans for a global disaster due to His pain filled heart. Many are the scriptures which explain how this catastrophe relates to us. The Earth with all of its blessedness had to go down to the death of baptism and rise again anew. So Noah was given details on how to build a rescue vessel with rooms for his family of eight, and every breathing creature the Lord wanted to preserve. This Word meant leaving the life they knew to construct their own escape from the wrath to come. In their obedience they became “Living Sacrifices”, performing the earliest pattern of eternal resurrection for everyone. This chosen family was elected to work, because “Faith without works is dead”. God waited patiently while Noah erected this wooden bridge to our future, and preached righteousness which condemns the world by Faith. They appeared as foolish in their laboring, but were proven much wiser than man's wisdom after. This life changing endeavor was carried on their shoulders while the rest of the world went on eating, drinking and marrying one another. And in great mystery those which did not believe what they heard and saw during those years, would later hear the life giving Word from God's only Son at their place of death. Although God endowed Noah and his family with Faith for action, it was the impact of holy fear which motivated them to fulfill the task of this divine secret. And, just like us – with daily prayer and working out our Great Salvation, they were reassured it is the Lord who works in you, both to will and to act in order to fulfill His good purpose.

     Well the pairs of animals were led to Noah. The ark is filled with the souls to be saved and the Lord shut them in. The heavy rains fell while the flood waters gushed out from every direction. Only one door of deliverance remains as the Lord’s death sentence buries everything below the great wash. All other flesh loses its breath, ending man’s violent and evil inclinations, bringing finality to wicked infection for a time. The redeemed endure a 40 day storm while Earth’s entire living community is contained in one place. Only a miniscule sample of God’s original living creation is left suspended between Heaven and Earth. Now confident of being saved and relieved the rain has stopped, they know the Word of the Lord proves true. Yet, they were cocooned inside the mammoth hull without a destination. No further instructions are given. There’s no perception on what to expect next or knowing how long this ordeal will last. The floating ark has become a living seed longing to be planted back to the ground. Now is the time for Hope. *Hope that is not seen. *Hope in Him who is not seen. *Hope that has been built on Faith. Hope to endure more suffering than at the start. Crowded in with animals - their noises and needs all day & night, and their vile mounts up inside. Waiting, working, long-suffering on the continuous sea swells without a window to view the unknown voyage. No voice from Him who spoke so clear at first, leaving His loved ones with nothing else but their daily bread. Is it possible the Ark of Salvation has become a coffin for the living? If they lose Hope, they lose their Faith, and if they lose their Faith, they lose their Life. Forced to persevere, they put their Trust in the Lord’s proven Word for the Promise of life. They died to the world, it’s now the season to die to themselves and share the forsaken feeling of their Intercessory Brother who's been with them all along.

     Now it is written that “God Remembered Noah”. These are spiritual words solely understood by saints who’ve endured the feeling of abandonment in hardest times. They give purpose to this whole story, as well as ours. Their forgotten state is finally ended with a strong wind, pushing the waters to recede. The ark finds a resting place in the high mountains and floats no more. Patiently pondering for 40 days, Noah removes the window hatch in the roof, but their view is only skyward, not seeing the situation around them. He sends a raven out through the opening and notes that it finds no rest. He does the same with a dove and it returns back to him again. These birds had the heavenly viewpoint but were unable to relay the Lord’s progress. With 7 more days gone by, Noah sends the dove out again. It returns with a living olive leaf in its beak. It’s like receiving a token of Peace from a Heavenly Place and a sign of God’s New Mercies. This dove was released through the hatch forever; never to return to that dreadful place again. Then Noah removes the entire roof and these reborn souls gaze the sights of the reborn Earth, and breathe its reborn air.

     Now the Word of Lord with reassuring Love is finally heard again, “Come Out”, Be Fruitful and Multiply”. These meek ones will now inherit the Earth. This giant cocoon can release in new beauty and the seeds which were sown in hardship have just blossomed into new life. They exit the Ark which is meant to be abandoned, and never to be seen again. Noah as first priority burns an offering of sacrifice with what little he has. The old wine and the old wine skin are gone, Great Salvation that started in fear is now completed in Love. Then an everlasting rainbow fills the sky. This is God's Word and His visual promise to be viewed from Heaven and Earth, establishing the memory of His Love which will never change. Death has been overcome with Life, old things have passed away and all things have now become new. Behold, Noah’s Ark and Our Ark are made from the same symbolic wooden cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, for we’ve been risen from the dead with Him. Eternity Revealed - their lives and ours endure being born again from the dead by the Living Word and the washing of water from Heaven. This same water symbolizes baptism that now saves YOU while giving us a pure conscience toward God. We are the continued confirmation of this blessing. The divine insight of every scripture contains this same repeated life-like circumstance in; Faith, Hope, and Love toward our Promised Redemption. It's because our names are written in HIM - forever & ever, Amen.

Teaching Staff at Bethany EPC

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